Online Wing Chun Training | WCKUK Organistion

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access The Online Wing Chun Lessons?
If you are a member of the WCKUK Organisation please talk with your Sifu for access. For Open Sessions links will be added in our Telegram Group.

How Do I Use These Platforms?
Head to the How-To page that gives links on how each platform works.

What Are Open Sessions?
Opens Sessions are for any WCKUK Member to watch as well as their own Sifu's Class. This way you'll get more viewing time each week. We have Open Sessions 4 days a week and are working towards 7. This is our way of saying thank you for the support.

Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?
Every teacher has a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience some over 20 years... While some aspects of Wing Chun do require a partner in this present situation you can focus on elements of Wing Chun that do not. Wing Chun has a lot of solo drills and exercises that will improve your skill without the need of anyone else. Classes will be reopening but for the well-being of everyone this is the best solution for now and you will gain a great deal from it.

What Will I Learn?
The Forms in detail, how to improve power, footwork, punching, ways to relax, fitness, flexibility and a lot more!

Is This Training Open To Non Members?
Currently, this has been set up for WCKUK members while we are fighting the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Once classes resume we are considering remote training for people that don't live near one of our locations, however, if you'd like to start now choose a location near you and contact the Sifu directly and they will get you set up. Just head over to our Locations Page.

Can I Still Grade With Online Classes?
Yes, our grading system provides a structure for learning, if this situation continues we will be offering ways to grade from home however more on this if the situation we currently face continues.

Will You Offer Online Kids Classes?
Yes. We understand that children need positive goals and good role models outside of their family environment. Our kid's online classes will also provide Wing Chun homework and tasks to keep them focused throughout the week.

Can I Have Private Lessons?
Yes. For private lessons please ask your Sifu directly.

What Should I Do Now?
If you are already a member you don't need to do anything. Join our Telegram group which will always be the first place we update with information, for access just ask your Sifu.